[Improved Version] PLEMO Sleep Mask, Ultra-Soft Gel Beads Eye Shade Cool & Warm Therapy SPA for Puffy Eyes & Black Eyes


Spa Effect & Fatigue Relief

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Spa Effect & Fatigue Relief

Modern men and women spend a majority of their time sitting in front of a computer screen, leading to excessive usage of the eyes and eye fatigue. After a long day, enjoy an at home spa feeling with massage microbeads in the Stylish Gel Eye Mask which promote eyes’ blood circulation and relieve eye muscle fatigue.

Whether you’re stressed or have a “busy mind”, our comfortable eye mask with cool/warm therapy function is your number one choice.

Comfortable Design & Versatile

The eye mask curves to fit the form of your face. You can enjoy your relaxation time comfortably, because the Gel is silky soft, skin-friendly, and free of chemical odors. An adjustable Velcro closure allows easy adjustment to fit adults as well as children.

Simple to Use

The eye mask is simple to use. For cooling therapy, just place the gel in fridge for 10 minutes; when you need to do warm therapy, put it in hot water for 5 minutes. Place the mask over your eyes, adjust the Velcro closure to your maximum comfort, and enjoy the eye relaxation instantly!
Spa Effect: For an at home spa treatment for your puffy eyes & dark circles; massage micro beads promote eyes’ blood circulation, relieve eye muscle fatigue and hold heat or stay cold longer. Wake refreshed.
Cool/Warm Therapy: Place your eye mask in fridge for 10 minutes or hot water for 5 minutes; instantly enjoy your cool/warm therapy; bid farewell to your towel and ice
Comfortable Gel: Silky soft, skin-friendly, and no chemical odor; enables you to thoroughly enjoy your relaxation time with a comfortable experience
Fully Adjustable: Velcro closure design; adjust your eye mask based on your own personalized comfort level with better-contoured fit.
Portable & Stylish: Lightweight and convenient to carry; use at home or when traveling; perfect for long flights and easily stored in your carryon; enjoy the serene sky blue appearance for a stylish and fancy look.

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